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  • Something For The Rest Of Us


  • Volume 2


  • Greatest Hits Volume One - The Singles


  • Let Love In


  • Gutterflower


  • Ego, Opinion, Art, & Commerce


  • Dizzy Up The Girl


  • A Boy Named Goo


  • Superstar Car Wash


  • Hold Me Up


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  • Posted by Mike Lepertine:

    Last year when the goo goo dolls came to buffalo, my mom got tickets to the concert from her friend, and thy had one extra one. my mom asked if i wanted to go with them.I was sitting next to Johnys ex wife, because sure my moms friend is her brother. after the concert we met the band and i got my backstage pass autographed and i am so thankful for that night. i will never forget it! The goo goo dolls are my favorite band and i went back in 2014! The goo goo dolls have really changed my life!!!!

  • Posted by Dustin Roberts:

    Dis da song I like.

  • Posted by Crystal:

    When I went to the beach, I would sit and listen to this song on the beach at sunset. It was so peaceful and anytime I hear this I think of the beach!

  • Posted by Shashank Kumar:

    Love this song

  • Posted by Samantha Woolaver:

    When I first heard this song, I was about 6 years old. I was in the car with my Dad going for a drive and I remember looking up to him and saying "Daddy, this is the prettiest song ever. It makes me really happy". Ever since that day, I've loved Goo Goo Dolls. I have to listen to them once a day, every day. I always got my friends to listen to them and always requested their songs on the radio. I am now 22 and I can't get enough of their songs. I'm a HUGE fan, always was, alw

  • Posted by San van Andel:

    May, 1999GGD Concert - Asbury Park, NJAs a German girl working as an Au Pair in Connecticut I had decided to become a die hard GGD fan and see them live in Asbury Park, NJ. Taking the bus to Asbury Park, knowing only way to get back to NYC is the train, I wanted to go so badly although chances were slim I'd be able to catch the commuter back to CT. That was the night I spent in Grand Central Station as I had missed the commuter. Yet, the memories of the concert had me smiling all night long.

  • Posted by savannah:

    it was me and my exs song

  • Posted by Taylor Goode:

    First time I had heard the Goo Goo Dolls live!

  • Posted by Rhonda Pierce
  • Posted by Aleesha Porter:

    This song will always make me think of my sister. She's the one who got me hooked on the Goo Goo Dolls and this was the first song she showed me. I remember the sadness you could see in her eyes as she listened, it was like she felt every word deep inside her. She was lost and broken, and this song really just helped her get through everything. I've found it's one of my favorite songs to listen to when I'm having a rough time as well.